…And we're back!

It’s been a long summer break, though we’ve got a nice range of talks for a welcome back JSOxford

Getting started with Node.js by Kevin Carmody

This talk will help you get started with server-side JavaScript in Node.js. It’ll show you how to get setup, start adding packages, communicate with 3rd party services and persisting data to a simple document store.

Hands on PhantomJS by Ben Foxall

I talked about “Serving websites to websites with PhantomJS” at the recent Oxford Geek Night. This is going to be a more practical session - I’ll go through creating a PhantomJS script, setting up the web server and deploying your service to heroku.

Working with a large node project: Ghost by Gabor Javorszky

I will talk about how developing a huge project in node works for us. There are currently about 15 people collaborating on the same codebase from the US to Australia. What are the logistics of it, how is the codebase structured, and what are some interesting gotchas we have managed to run into along the way.

Attend on - lanyrd (so we know how much beer to get in)

August JSOxford