Join us for the last meetup of 2013 where we'll be talking about using streams in node and chattting about some new JS Projects

Indestructible twitter streams with node

by Ben @benjaminbenben

The twitter streaming apis are totally fun and super awesome.

I’ll cover the (surprisingly detailed) data that we can get from the streams, and some of the challenges that we have to face to maintain a connection.

We’ll delve into the node stream API - and how we can use this to abstract a robust interface to the twitter apis that can survive network failures, stale connections and modifying query parameters.

Then we’ll talk about some of the awesome projects/hacks that we can do when we are able to dynamically alter parameters.

by Everyone!

We’re going to try a new type of session, bring a few links to js-based projects that you find interesting and we’ll go through them and have a quick chat.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the project, just anything that you find interesting or cool!

Nodecopter via @chvck

Nodecopters are cool

Calculating element vertex data from CSS transforms via @benjaminbenben

When you want to do complex calculations based on the transforms of elements, you might be better using webGL (counter argument: have you used webGL?)

Stop Being Cute and Clever via @ghickman

Went over why [1,2,3].map(parseInt) evaluates to [1, NaN, NaN], talked about dependency management for other languages and how projects like rails-assets can allow cross dependency integration. Touched briefly on PHP.

jQuery matchers and fixture loader for Jasmine framework via @floehopper

None of us actively/formally use fixtures in our JS projects.

Every javascript project you should be looking into via @jopotts

We liked how the library examples load in the same site and wondered if the projects were ordered by reverse popularity. @jopotts said he would have chosen this link if he’d actually thought about it.