This month we have a selection of talks from our members - lanyrd.

As usual, come to White October (map) for 7.30 - we’ll aim to start the talks by 7.45.

  • Gabor Javorszky - Deploying with GruntJS - I was introduced to Grunt.js a short while ago. Since then, I’ve gotten rid of a ton of apps and settings: a) Codekit b) SFTP plugin on Sublime. Basically, all the tasks you would need to do under one roof living in one configuration file at the end of one command. I’ll show what I use it for, and how I got there.

  • Charles Dixon - A quick introduction to nosql - Part 1 of 3. In this talk we’ll cover why maybe we don’t want to use a relational DB for some things and we’ll look at the 4 “main” types of nosql databases currently in use.

  • Ben Foxall - Win Win communication - Experiences on the web don’t have to be constrained to a single browser window: we’ll go over some of the technologies that allow data to be shared across multiple windows or devices.