For the night before All Your Base we're teaming up with Oxford Python for a data-based* super-mega-meetup

Please note - this event won’t be at our usual venue, but at Oxford University IT Services

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About D3

### by Anna Powell-Smith @darkgreener

D3 (Data-Driven Documents) is the world-conquering Javascript library for building beautiful data visualizations. It’s the sixth most starred repo on GitHub, and it’s taking over the universe. If you’re new to D3, I’ll take you through the basics. If you’re already a fan, I’ll show you ten things you didn’t know you could do in D3.

Mobile Oxford, an aspirational API to the University

### by Dave King @davbo

Mobile Oxford is a web application for people living in and around Oxford developed by the University. This talk will discuss the technical aspects of developing a generic HTTP API for use throughout the University (and beyond!) along with the JavaScript client for Mobile Oxford itself.

Other things

Cloudant have generously offered to get in some drinks for the evening! We also have a limited number of All Your Base discount codes if you don’t have a ticket (hit us up on twitter if you’re interested). Also - this event is part of Digital Oxford Week, there are some great events through the week - so do check it out.