And we’re back! …on a TUESDAY!?!

This month we're talking about getting our code running in the real world. Come along to find out how to deploy apps with heroku and how continuous deployment can help you build software faster and with less stress.

Node + Heroku + Unrealistic time constraints

with Pete West @peterjwest

Can you build and deploy a site in 5 minutes from scratch? This will be a live code session where I try to do node and heroku at speed, and explain it at the same time. May well be a codetastrophe, heckling encouraged!

Pete did a great job of deploying in (slightly over) 10 minutes. He covered github, npm, express, jade, bower & bootstrap.

Continuous Deployment or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Failed Build

with Roy Lines @roylinesuk

Dr Strangelove

This photo is the talk description - we think that might be a good thing

Roy gave an awesome overview of his continous deployment process, his slides are available here.

Bring yOur Own hYperlink Along

with Everyone!

This worked pretty well last time, so we'll do it again!

We all bring a link to js-based project/post/anything that you find interesting and we'll have a quick chat about it.

We’ve cancelled BOOYA because there’s a GITHUB DRINKUP IN TOWN

…If we start promptly at 7.30, and hold Pete to his unrealistic time constraints. We’ll have plenty of time to make it across town for the drink up.

Also, if this is the first you’ve heard about the drink up; you totally need to come along with us - it’s the polite thing to do! (and, it’s the rules)

As usual, we’ll be meeting at White October at 7.30PM - we’d appreciate if you attend on lanyrd (it lets us know how many drinks and snacks to get in!).