As part of digital oxford week we’re teaming up with Oxford Python for another mega-meetup

Please note - this won’t be at our usual venue, but at St Aldates Tavern

St Aldates

Getting functional with Clojurescript

by Matthew Thompson @cblop

Clojurescript is a dialect of lisp that compiles to Javascript. In this talk, we will go about making a basic game from scratch. Along the way, we’ll learn about setting up Clojurescript projects, using the Light Table IDE and how to design a game using immutable data structures. I’ll also explain why Clojurescript is useful for front-end web development.

Naming Things

by Gil Gonçalves @lurst

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” – Phil Karlton In this talk, I will talk about naming things, telling you why is it hard to name, how to get better at naming and this will lead you to be an even better Software Developer.

Events - Code Retreat & Node School

Ryan Brooks will be talking about last weekends JavaScriptCodeRetreat - and how we can hold more in the future.

Roy Lines telling us about Node School, and gauging interest for a future event.

CPython VMs

by Mark

We’ll also be having a talk about CPython VMs from Mark. We don’t have more details than that - you’ll have to come along!

Special Thanks to…


We’re able to meet in this lovely pub thanks to Github Community who are sponsoring the event.

There is also a Oxford Python event on Meetup - where you can sign up there if you consider yourself more toward the python side of Mega-ness.