This event has finished, see the summer of hacks post for information about the next events

NodeSchool is a community driven, open source educational project that teaches JavaScript and node.js skills in an interactive, self-guided way.

Register and attend if you want to meet up at the Jam Factory and dive into a nodeschool workshop. There are workshops available for every skill level from JS beginners all the way to experienced node programmers.

You will need to bring your own laptop, and it will help if you have already installed node.js. Mentors will help you on the day.

Thank you!

I think we can consider NodeSchool a success - a huge thanks to everyone involved

Our sponsors

Support from Github, Haybrook & White October let us hold this event in such a lovely place, and kept us supplied with coffee and some drinks afterward.

Our organisers

Roy and Ben put in a lot of effort over the last few weeks to organise this event. And on the day we also had Pete and Ivan who helped with mentoring on the day.

Roy wrote up the day on his site.

Our attendees

The turn out for NodeSchool was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who came along

Also, if you have any photos/blog posts let us know.