This event has finished, see the summer of hacks post for information about the next events

Write better code to a backdrop of pastries and burritos… the Code Retreat is a chance to hone your programming skills without the pressure of Getting Things Done.

Following on from the success of the JavaScript Code Retreat in May we’re excited to be running the 2nd Oxford Code Retreat, and this time it’s Super-Mega! Want to get hone your JavaScript, Ruby or Python? Code Retreat is for you! This time we’re shifting the focus from TDD to functional and object-oriented techniques.

What is it?

Code Retreat is a day of pair-programming around a common challenge. Over five 45-minute sessions you’ll get to work with a variety of people to improve your day-to-day coding. At the end of each session we’ll regroup and share what we’ve learned.

For a nice introduction to code retreat and why it’s a great idea, check out this video.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that came for an amazing day. Some great discussions were had, and only one or two language/editor wars!

Our sponsors

Support from Github & Haybrook & White October let us hold this event in such a lovely place, and kept us supplied with coffee and some drinks afterward.

Our organisers

Ryan and Ben put in a bit of time organising the event and building the testing system, but a huge thanks go to Pete and George for the Ruby & Python wrappers. Rich was generally awesome (as always).

Our attendees

We had almost three times the number of people for this Code Retreat. Thanks for coming! Please let us know what you thought of the day here.

As always, if you have any photos/blog posts about the day let us know.