Join us for a series of hands-on events this summer

We're taking a break from our evening meetups for the next few months. Instead, we're going to hold hack days, where you can come along to learn, tinker, hack & hang out with like minded people.

We’ve got three events planned, you’ll get a lot from them whether you’re starting out, or an experienced JS developer.

  • NodeSchool - get started (or better at) node.js.
  • Code Retreat - hack the way you approach coding.

See below for more information and links to register for each event. We’ve got a limited number of tickets for each event, so sign up and put it in your diary. Tickets are £5.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you.

NodeSchool 21st June 2014

NodeSchool has finished - see how it went

NodeSchool is a community driven, open source educational project that teaches JavaScript and node.js skills in an interactive, self-guided way.

Register and attend if you want to meet up at the Jam Factory and dive into a nodeschool workshop. There are workshops available for every skill level from JS beginners all the way to experienced node programmers.

You will need to bring your own laptop, and it will help if you have already installed node.js. Mentors will help you on the day.

Register for NodeSchool

Code Retreat 6th July 2014

Sadly the Code Retreat is over – see how it went

Write better code to a backdrop of pastries and burritos… the Code Retreat is a chance to hone your programming skills without the pressure of Getting Things Done.

Following on from the success of the JavaScript Code Retreat in May we’re excited to be running the 2nd Oxford Code Retreat, and this time it’s Super-Mega! Want to get hone your JavaScript, Ruby or Python? Code Retreat is for you! This time we’re shifting the focus from TDD to functional and object-oriented techniques.

What is it?

Code Retreat is a day of pair-programming around a common challenge. Over five 45-minute sessions you’ll get to work with a variety of people to improve your day-to-day coding. At the end of each session we’ll regroup and share what we’ve learned.

For a nice introduction to code retreat and why it’s a great idea, check out this video.

Register for Code Retreat

NodeBots 23rd August 2014

NodeBots has now been dissassembled - write up coming soon

NodeBots are robots that are controlled by node.js. A NodeBots event is a full day event where JS developers team up in small teams to program robots with JS.

We’ve got 3 radio-controlled, video-enabled cars which can be controlled with JS over wifi, and also a nodecopter you can fly with JS (or just with your phone)!

We’ll have arduino kits you can use to build and program robots. You don’t need to know what a resistor is or how to use an aynschronous callback, we’ll have hardware and JS experts ready to help you throughout the day.

We’ve also extra sensors and displays you can tinker with. We’ve also got buckets of Lego Technic you can use to build quick prototypes.

You’ll be able to buy Arduino kits at a discount on the day, if you want to take your work home with you (sorry you can’t buy the lego though!)

Register for NodeBots

Please note:

We’ve moved the venue at the last minute, sorry! It will now be at the White October offices.

What does this mean for you?

  • Better food: we can now afford burritos and pizza for lunch, we’ll also have pastries and snacks throughout the day
  • Unlimited free tea and coffee
  • More space and desks, including workstations you can use
  • Fast, reliable internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Whiteboards
  • A meeting room for serious discussion
  • An HD projecter for talks and demos

We’ll be collecting people from the station and the Jam Factory, so don’t worry if you don’t know the way.