For a long time Javascript didn't exist, then for a relatively short time it was only in browsers, but now it's, like, everywhere.

We're going to talk about some of the places that javascript is, that aren't a browser.

Zero to MVP in 5 days with Electron – Richard Patching

Learn how I scratched my own itch and shipped an MVP cross platform desktop app in 5 days. I'll be sharing my battles with Windows and how I struggled to the last hour to get installers and auto-updating in (plus my solutions). This talk contains lots of code, coffee, javascript, angular all wrapped up in electron. Essentially every tool a pretentious hipster would use if they were shipping an app.

Creating & Publishing Your First Node Module (In 10 Minutes) – Rich Evans

Are you ready to level up with the Javascript Adventure Club? In this pulse-pounding demonstration of vi-rtuosity, a humble lumbercoder armed only with a copy of vim will test, develop, and publish a sweet module to npm in only 10 minutes. Your ticket to glory and riches is only an 'npm publish' away!

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• I learned a lot! – Bill from Oxford

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Doors open 7:00pm, talks start at 7:30pm.