We've two great talks lined up for March; come on over, grab a drink/snack and learn some stuff.

We'll also have stickers(!!), pitches, and lots of lovely chats - hope to see you there!

Improving Web performance Using Grunt - Marcus Noble

In response to a previous talk by Andy Davies on performance I will walk through using Grunt to improve the performance of the JS Oxford website to achieve below the target 1000 PageSpeed index. This talk will look at configuration-only approaches that can be applied without the need to change any markup.

Playing With Trains: A Look At Open Rail Data - Tom Lane

Open data is happening. Many new technologies are emerging designed specifically to aid developers in taming and handling these datasets that have been made available to them, from new database ideas (NoSQL) to visualisation libraries (D3JS).

My talk will provide an overview of the data that has been made available from the rail industry with sources from National Rail, Network Rail and many others and the projects that have risen from it. There is a staggering amount of both quantity and depth available making for some pretty interesting possibilities.