Some people might be telling you that Christmas is just round the corner… Though actually, it's miles off - you've got ages to buy presents. And decorations, christmas trees, etc; sometimes it's good to wait.

What you should be getting excited about is JavaScript.

This month we've got a couple of wonderful talks: Max will be telling us about VR hacks with Google Cardboard, and Roger will be explaining how they use React in Zegami (Roger showed a demo of Zegami at our summer Show & Tell - it's fantastic).

We'll also be talking about our 2017 events - so if you're interested in knowing what's next for JSOxford and how to get involved, you should totally come and chat about it.

(there may be mince pies and mulled wine.)

Cardboctober: Making VR experiences for Google Cardboard with JavaScript daily in October – Max Glenister

In October Ben, Pete and Max built something every day for Google Cardboard using Javascript.

In this talk Max will talk about how he planned and executed a month of hacks, what worked (and what didn't!) and what he got out of the challenge.

Make your UI flexible with a plugin architecture, featuring React – Roger Noble

When building Zegami (a data visualisation tool we wanted to allow anyone to be able to add their own custom functionality and enhancements. This presented a challenge for us to construct an interface - both visually and in code, that developers could approach with a minimal learning curve.

This talk will discuss some of the decisions we made as well as a practical demonstration of how this same approach could be used in any application.