The Future of JSOxford

With the end of the year closing in on us we wanted to take a moment to let you all know about the future for JSOxford.

You may have noticed that we haven't had a meetup for a while now. Well... to get straight to the point...

JSOxford is going on hiatus until a time when it can be given the love, effort and attention you all deserve.


A lot of work goes on behind the scenes sorting out JSOxford, from organising the venue, sorting things out with sponsors, arranging when speakers are available, etc. both Seren and Marcus sacrifice a lot of their free time to bring things together on the day. This sometimes effects our personal lives in a way we don't like. There has been more than one occasion of sleepless nights when uncertain if things are going to work out or not.

Because of this, Marcus has decided to step down as an organiser of JSOxford. He still wants to be involved in helping the community (both local and wider) but in a less onerous position. Possibly focussing efforts in helping the Digital Oxford revitalisation.

Seren plans to take the time to work out how best to take JSOxford forward in the future.

What's going to happen next

Due to some recent uncertainty about the future of we aren't renewing our subscription next month. The costs aren't worth it. We'll be keeping the group open but won't be able to schedule any events through it.

This website, the GitHub org, the twitter account, YouTube channel, etc. will all remain and continue to be looked after.

The A/V kit used to record talks at JSOxford meetups has already been returned to the person who donated it to us.

We're not yet sure what is going to be done with the outstanding budget in JSOxford OpenCollective (currently £165.75). Some of this may be used to renew the domain name but until we know what the future looks like this money will sit there untouched. In the event that it is no longer required we will donate it to a worthy cause, with input from the community on what that should be.