We're possibly a month early, though more probably a month late; either way we're going to get together and talk it all through.

We'll be having an evening of talks & chats in the Story Museum; this month we're really lucky to have Chris Hoult joining us to talk about Ethical Engineering (a really interesting topic). We're also looking for a second talk, so if there's something you'd like to talk about - please get in touch.

Come along to learn some stuff, talk to friendly people and have a drink or two. (Big thanks to HaybrookIT for sponsoring the venue hire and refreshments.)

If you've been along to any of the summer of hacks events - this is a great opportunity to come back and catch up with the people you met.

Talk 1 – TBC

If you're interested in giving a talk, get in touch

Show & Tell – Everyone

This month we're going to have a show and tell session. You'll have a couple of minutes to tell us about something that you've built or seen and think others would be interested in.

If you're interested in showing something - put your details on this form.

Ethical Engineering – Chris Hoult

Our increasingly connected world, along with the promises of Big Data and Cloud Computing, offers us multitudes of opportunities to model the world and build powerful technology to improve not only the companies we work for but the lives of many. Yet far too often we, as engineers, focus on providing a solution to the problem at hand and overlook the problems that the solution itself might cause. In this talk, Christopher examines some of the issues our world throws up, and asks what it takes to engineer ethically.