August + October / 2 with PHP

🌟 This month we'll be joining forces with PHPOxford! We'll be at the same venue - though with an even wider, super-er group of developers! Head over to their meetup page and sign up too. 🌟

We're possibly a month early, though more probably a month late; either way we're going to get together and talk it all through.

We'll be having an evening of talks & chats in the Story Museum; this month we're really lucky to have Chris Hoult joining us to talk about Ethical Engineering (a really interesting topic). We're also looking for a second talk, so if there's something you'd like to talk about - please get in touch.

Come along to learn some stuff, talk to friendly people and have a drink or two. (Big thanks to HaybrookIT for sponsoring the venue hire and refreshments.)

If you've been along to any of the summer of hacks events - this is a great opportunity to come back and catch up with the people you met.

Summer of Hacks #4: Hardware

This is a day of hacking on hardware. We'll have some kits, complete with Espruino boards and components, to play with and you're welcome to bring any additional hardware or things you'd like to hack.

Who is this event for?

Anyone interested in learning a bit about hardware. There are no minimum entry requirements, other than an inquisitive mind. If you've never touched a breadboard before, that's fine – we have some starter kits and plenty of helpful people to guide you. If you're a bit more experienced that's great too, as you'll get to play with some new kit or hack on a project with like-minded people.

Summer of Hacks #3: Code Retreat

A CodeRetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. Developers can disconnect from constraints like time and feature pressure, and just focus on the craft of programming. You don't have to ship anything. Just practice.

You will be guided through the day by a facilitator. At the beginning of the day we'll explain all the details!

Summer of Hacks #2: Game Dev Day

What is Game Dev Day?

Game Dev Day is a hack day for people to have fun making games and virtual reality experiences in web technologies.

Get the full experience at the official Game Dev Day site.

Data, APIs, and Other Things

We've got a great couple of talks this month; Jenny is coming to tell us about the WordPress REST API, and we've got Roger who is going tell us about his react-based pluggable architecture behind Zegami (you might remember him showing it at our show and tell a couple of months ago).